Surrender to the Higher Power. Let yourself flow through the deep wisdom of your soul, and co-create your life with God, the greatest spirit omnipresent.


My website has gone through its own share of changes over the last two years, as I evolved on my spiritual journey. Evolution and expansion never stops, and the more I reflect on it, the more I ask myself,”What is it that I can offer to the humanity?” All I hear as an answer, is my sagacity from years and years of inner work, and how I can bring that forth to help you be your true self, as a soul, on this path to make your life an art.

My entire being is devoted to God, but we all have the capacity to do so, and live a life full of love, peace, joy. I’m no one special but a mere servant (fragment) of God, here to show people the way inside, and creating heaven on earth. Book a reading with me if you are ready for deep insights, shadow as well as inner child healing. I’m picky about who I choose to help and share my wisdom with.

More about me!!

What can you expect when you book a reading with me?

I’m someone very detached from labels. I might use it for a general understanding, but I operate beyond them. Yes, I’m a psychic but I feel that everyone else is psychic as well, if they practice it with commitment. I don’t do predictions because it doesn’t interest me. However, I love working with soul values, lessons to be integrated, its purpose, reasons why we fall for certain relationship patterns, deep shadow and inner child work, dismantling ego and limited mind games, etc. I’m all about discussing uncomfortable topics and I stay honest about what I pick on from you.

My advice to you will be based on what I feel you need to work on. We will mutually talk about what’s bothering you, where you have self-esteem issues, where you need to practice more faith and surrender, etc. Some lessons through me will make sense, and some lessons will be understood over time. We both come together to create a spiritual alchemy within you, and if you are expecting a magical overnight potion from me, it won’t happen unless it’s God himself.

We both will step by step work on where you need healing. I will be the honest friend you need to open up about your raw truth, and I will gently guide you in the highest light possible.


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