“It has been a long and ardous journey ever since I spiritually awakened, and yet all I feel for my path, is gratitude and supreme love.”

Hi, I’m Swara, a mentor and teacher for New Earth Consciousness. What do I mean by this particular term? This means I’m reclaiming my power as a starseed, light warrior and galactic healer to help in ascension of this planet.

How does this planet ascend? When every person within a certain collective ensures they transmute the darkness within them and move towards light. Transmutation and transformation requires willingness to look at your true divine blueprint, and whether you are in alignment to your soul essence or not.

I’m a pioneer, a visionary, a rebel, someone who doesn’t believe in labels and obsolete societal constructs. I work with my angels and other galactic guides, and they have taught me to look at everything from a greater perspective. 

I use my intuition to navigate through my daily life situations: be it relationship, life purpose, interaction with other people, etc. My mission on this Earth is to help you unlock the wisdom and power within you. You are it! You are an essence of God! I believe that we all are interconnected; nothing is a coincidence and we all have the power to create a magical reality for ourselves.

I’m here to bring radical shift in your outlook towards everything; show you what needs to change with all the love and grace directed through this universe.

In my early stages of awakening, I had drifted towards tarot reading, witchcraft, herbs, essential oils, candles, crystals, etc. But the more I fearlessly went down the road, I realized that I intend to create something bigger. I sometimes use tarot cards for providing empowering messages from the guides. But I barely need them these days. The questions that people ask me, gives me enough knowledge about their vibration and the entities around them.

My heart calls me to make this society aware that we need to let go of judgement, comparison and practice unconditional love.

“Unconditional love is the language of the universe. Work with it and watch yourself grow like never before.”

I now provide counseling and mentoring to people about the spiritual lessons of their lives. The kind of trauma they are still holding onto; the relationship patterns that they have been repeating; their alignment with soul, guidance from the universe/higher self/ spirit guides; how to understand and work with their emotions; confidence and self-love, etc. And it truly feels wonderful when I’m able to be of service to someone. 

However, I’m quite picky about who I choose to help. Not everybody stays ready to see situation with clarity, and believe in a greater purpose. I only help people who know to help themselves, and hold themselves accountable for their life choices. 

My healing sessions are meant to raise your vibration and not push you in a victim mentality. I do not predict anything for anyone, unless my guides specifically ask me to, because the timelines always keep on shifting.

If you still love what I bring to this universe after reading all this, I’m thankful. Please feel free to check out my services if you desire for us to connect!

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