“It has been a long and ardous journey ever since I spiritually awakened, and yet all I feel for my path, is gratitude and supreme love.”

Hi, I’m Swara, a mentor and teacher for Krsna Consciousness. I always keep on shifting and expanding. Hence, it’s a little difficult for me to fit in a shell.

I have dedicated my entire life to the supreme creator and letting him speak, work and act through me. I do not teach anything that I myself  haven’t practiced. I do not like forcing my perspective on people but I appreciate openness to what we cannot speculate merely through hard-wired logic and personal beliefs.

I’m highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive. All I desire is to help more people awaken to their true purpose here, and to co-create with God. As humans, we come from God’s supersoul, and upon dying our mortal bodies return to this earth. The cycles continue through reincarnations. Every life that we choose to come to Earth, we come with full awareness of what we need to do, but the illusion ” Maya” playfully lures us away with distractions if we are not careful. Many call it “matrix”. But no matter what you choose to call it, we all are made of God’s essence and we have the potential to break out of it, to any extent we choose to. That determines our consciousness and vibration.

I’m still in nascent stage of learning energy work, herbal medicine therapy, sound healing, etc. I’m a mix-bag of everything. But one thing I’ve acquired fair grip over is inner work, because my entire life has been about it. And I love counseling people, who are seeking God and awakening to something profound and inexplicable.

Honestly, I’m not here to claim that I can help each and everybody. But, I know it in my heart that if we are meant to cross paths and if God desires for it, I’m willing to step up and make a difference. Ashe!

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