I have seen and felt the pain, loneliness, suffering, anxiety, depression too closely in my life. Everytime I have been knocked down, I would ask God,”Why am I going through this? Where is my true happiness?”

And God would answer every time,”This is happening so that you could let go of every aspect of your life, which stops you from being free in your rawest expression. You are learning how to be in your utmost power. And sometimes owning your power requires deep purge from your life. It requires you to clear out all that is holding you back from shining in your authentic light. You then realize that rest everything is impermanent but your soul, and it all leads back to me.”

These words have always been my light: my faith in the creator energy that if something needs to be removed, it’s for my highest good. Maybe at that point of time, it didn’t make sense when I was going through it. But when I completely integrated the lesson within me, I realized why it was needed for me to be who I am now.

I have walked away from so many relationships in my life, whichever had stopped acknowledging or supporting me. The pain was immense when leaving because deep ties take longer to dissolve. But through that pain, I found my inner strength and capacity to heal myself and others. 

When you go through a harrowing ending, all you need to do is look for the inner lion being within you. If you can’t do that initially, ask God to lend you his healing energy, his grace and love. Surrender yourself to him and let him show you the path.

We, as humans can’t perceive why certain circumstances unfold in our lives. We can get too bound by our attachments and ego. But that’s how I found my path to spirituality. Somewhere in the middle of being utterly depressed, feeling hopeless, but also hanging onto the hope of finding happiness, I gave in to God’s way. And he told me that my life purpose revolves around creating sacred heaven within me.

I didn’t know what it meant back then. I just trusted whatever breadcrumbs I was receiving from the universe. But it all just lead me exactly where I needed to be.

Hence know that you are stronger than any storm you face. You were born a braveheart, a true alchemist who has magic in its entire existence. 

Walk away from every situation and every person that makes your soul feel captive. Your soul speaks to you all the time, whether you pay attention to it or not. It is simply connected by internal knowingness of what it loves doing and how God wants to express himself through you. You will know when you seek it.


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