1. I’m not a licensed physician, psychotherapist or counselor, neither do I feel the need to get these degrees. So, please consult me only if you are looking for advice outside this.
  2. I’m an intuitive, an empath,and a divine channel. I’m not an oracle or medium. My readings are confidential, and the details are not shared with anyone else.
  3. Most of my readings are based on what I’m picking up through claircognizance, clairsentience and clairaudience. Every other tool is merely an additional support, and many times my suggestions may not even involve their use. I would always guide you what’s in your highest good. Whatever is your choice or interpretation of my advice, I’m not responsible for that.
  4. Nothing is set in stone. I use tarot for self-empowerment, personal development, getting understanding, insight and clarity into the problems I face. I suggest clients to do the same. I avoid using tarot cards for fortune-telling, as the energy of the querent keeps on changing, and so does the future. However, it is up to the querent to ask a question regarding a possible future.
  5. I will not hold myself responsible for the decisions the querent makes on the basis of reading. I do not provide financial, legal or medical advice, as I’m not the right person in that field.
  6.  I do not discriminate clients on the basis of caste, creed, religion, sexual orientation, etc. We all are one as humanity.
  7. I do not predict lotteries or indulge in removing curses or black magic. I can definitely tell you how to protect yourself energetically against psychic attacks.
  8. Do not idolize what I say or advice. I’m a channel to the divine. Listen to the guidance and eventually use that as impetus for your soul growth.


  1. I am very picky over vibes from someone. I appreciate mutual respect and healthy exchange of ideas, rather than aggression or aspersions. If I observe you being insolent, I have the absolute rights to cancel the booking then and there, without providing you refund.
  2. I value my time and energy. So if you arrive to call more than 20 minutes late, I hold the rights to cancel the booking. No refunds are made in that situation.
  3. Kindly make the payment in advance when expecting a reading. However, you need to send me the email first and discuss the availability schedule. Once things are settled, you need to book the reading. 
  4. If due to some circumstantial reasons, I’m unable to do the reading post booking session, I will refund you the entire amount. We can also postpone the counseling to a later date if it stays comfortable with you.
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