Energy Update for the Ancient Souls

A lot of you who have been putting in the hard work in shifting oneself to higher dimensions would be noticing extreme ascension symptoms for now. Your DNA is upgrading and becoming able to hold more light.
You no longer feel called to chase anything in your life, but stand in that vibration and bring it to where you are. You are becoming this king/queen energy that exudes massive power, magic, and manifestation abilities.

You are getting clearer with every single day about how you desire to spend the rest of your life and you’re acting with focused intentions.
The recalibration within your body is occurring so that you could step up to your role as a wayshower in a better way.

Certain symptoms would be irregular sleep patterns, drowsiness, less energy levels, nausea, throat chakra lumps, heaviness in legs, etc. Be patient with your body process and eat as light as you can: alkaline water/juice, immunity-boosting natural food, etc.
You might be noticing how quickly your body rejects any food that doesn’t match your vibration.

For some of you, elephants and bee animal spirit would be showing up frequently as a reminder to stay focused and grounded in your soul’s path. If you find yourself distracted, tap into your gratitude center in the heart, and the cosmic wisdom through your third eye and crown chakra. Make sure to explore all the avenues your heart is leading you towards.

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