Finding our connection with Mama Earth

I woke up this dawn and went to my balcony to sip on morning coffee, and have a conversation with the nature spirit. That is my sacred practice every morning because it grounds my energy; I bring in the balanced music of the sky and Gaia within my core. All of a sudden, I was struck by a thunderbolt when I saw an old tree cut and removed overnight. This wasn’t a new event. A couple of old trees had already been cleared off the path over the last one year, because of the urbanisation process.

It took me a while to re-center myself because the pain that I was feeling in my heart was overwhelming. Somehow, we as humans have failed to develop compassion for any other species that cannot speak like us. We assume that only we are all powerful and the rest of the planet can be mistreated just the way we desire. All the resources around us, which are freely available, we take them for-granted and show no respect for what we receive.

Every tree, bird, animal, rock, wind, fire, water body, etc is a living being. We humans would not have survived in their absence. Their communication style is different but the healing frequencies they emit is beyond our comprehension. All these pills and medicines from pharmacies came later, but the nature medicine has existed for eons. Our life on this planet is not about proving the superiority and inventions of our species, but rather about living in oneness and harmony with Mother Earth and honoring her love and compassion towards us.

Somehow, I feel that most of the people I meet have lost their empathy. They have switched off their ability to tune into the core of Gaia, and listen to what she needs. Mother Earth is a living being. We do not own her and we cannot treat this creation like a dispensable commodity. She is so forgiving of our ruthlessness towards her, but at times when she rages, we see her true power.

If she wants to reset everything, eliminate the entire humanity in order to create a new earth, she can do that any given day. All these global wildfires, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, tornadoes, etc are few examples of how we are incompetent infront of Gaia. And yet, we walk around in such arrogance and irreverence.

It’s time that we start owning our responsibility towards Mama Nature. It’s time that we show gratitude for what we receive: our daily meal, air to breathe, trees that carry ancient wisdom and healing power; birds and animal spirits that show us their deep connection with the universe; the sun, the moon and the stars that illuminate the path of magic, etc. Can we ever quantify what we have received from them?

I dream of a world where all of us attempt to understand the interconnectedness with every other element. .We should learn to live holistically, and grow our own resources. Right now, we sit inside our homes comfortably and do not realise where all of it came from. If only we knew about the entire process, I’m pretty sure we would be living more mindful lives. If we do not like being violated and are scared of dying cruelly, it’s important that we know the other species feel the same way.

Be humble and start building up nature in your own way. Plant trees wherever you can. Be kind to every being you meet, not just humans. Talk to Pachamama spirit everyday and work on your sensitivity. Being conscious, vulnerable and caring is not a weakness. It’s a gift and blessing. It’s fully aligned with your soul signature. Always ask yourself: what am I doing to support Mother Earth right now? How can I embody her qualities and spread love and nourishment everywhere? One day when I leave my earthly vessel, I should feel proud of what I have created.

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