It is time to bring out the Alchemist within us, and not be afraid to show the world who we truly are.

Who else would you rather be in this lifetime, if not yourself? What would you rather be doing if not striving towards your dreams and visions? What kind of relationship would you choose for yourself: fulfilling or draining?

You are the leader of your own life, not anybody else. You make your own decisions but your soul always knows the best path for it.

The services I provide are listed below. 

You can request me for a session through the email form at the end of page. I will provide you the date and time, and we will discuss the availability issues if any. You can make the payment to my paypal link and send me the receipt. Any intimation regarding cancellation(if any) needs to be done 48 hrs before, else no refunds are made.

I conduct audio calls through skype or hangout. Kindly go through terms and conditions once before booking, because as a healer they are of extreme importance to me. 

30 minute counseling:  $88

45 minute counseling:  $99

60 minute counseling:  $111


Energy Healing Session at $20 for 15-20 minutes:

I’ve been practicing energy healing on myself as well as my family members for a while. And now, it has become a part of my daily ritual. 

Energy healing is a wonderful gift to re-adjust and open our chakras, clear our emotional/physical/mental blocks. It also boosts our immunity and helps us to heal faster when done on a consistent basis. It expands our connection with the divine forces, and helps us to be in a state of calm and peace; tone down our fear and anxiety. It also allows us to understand our depression (if going through it) and opens up portals to heal holistically.

Book a session for 15-20 minutes with me. You may not see the changes rightaway, but the more open you are to receive it, the easier you will be able to feel it. And then you will notice how gradually you shift to a higher vibrational state.

Open your heart to me over the call:

What does it feel like to be heard and understood? Sometimes more than solutions, we need a space to be seen and validated. Someone who can just reveal to us our hidden magic, abundance, love and kindness.

I feel blessed if you choose to open up your heart space through this particular reading. You can talk about anything that’s troubling you and I will help you understand why you need to go through that experience, and your lessons. We will talk about your inner child, your suppressed trauma, difficult teenage, tough relationships, lost sense of purpose, or anything under the sun.

I’m your teacher, your mentor or healer. You can choose to label me anything. I’m your wayshower, but post the healing session, you have got to sit through with whatever we discussed about and give it intense reflection. Because without the inner work, you cannot accept what is already yours. Much love and peace!!

Extensive Soul Reading :

Your soul always knows what’s right for it. It has an authentic signature, a specific purpose on earth. But the question is: do you realize why you are here?

I’m not here to give you the entire picture of how things are bound to unfold in your life. However, I will definitely help you connect the dots from your important past lives and the karmic lessons you need to clear in this particular lifetime. I hold a very different perspective on karma,which isn’t as complicated as the general opinion.

Are you right on your soul’s path? What are your current challenges and what are you slowly learning? Where are you heading right now? What are you meant to explore more? I will also help you navigate a little around your life purpose and soul’s mission. However, I need to bring to your attention that despite knowing your purpose, you will have to reflect how much of that makes sense to you, at the moment. Sometimes, a clearer understanding resurfaces at a different timeline. Hence, just stay open!

At the end of the day, you will have to go through your own energetic shift. I’m merely a divine facilitator.

Extensive Love/Relationship healing:

Relationships are a great platform to learn because we go through multiple trials and tribulations to uncover the kind of dynamics we desire. Let us use this healing session to go through your problems within current connection. And then, we will trace back to your patterns in the past.

Who were you before? Who have you become now? How much of self-love do you hold? Have you been subconsciously feeding any unhealthy scenarios? What kind of partner fulfills you in every way, and what belief system you should release? We can also discuss about the compatibility issues you might have in your present relationship. 

In depth, we will navigate through soul contracts, childhood issues that affect relationships in later stages and how to grow out of it. This entire journey is about healing oneself in and out. Through every reading, I intend to stay as transparent as possible, about the vibrations and messages I receive from my star family. Sometimes you may or may not completely agree with the entirety. Regardless, I would ask you to open your heart center and allow things to make sense over time. You will understand the perspective when your vibration is in a better place.

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