It is time to bring out the Alchemist within you, in order to live in alignment with your authentic soul signature. 

Who else would you rather be in this lifetime, if not yourself? What would you rather be doing if not striving towards your dreams and visions? What kind of relationship would you choose for yourself: fulfilling or draining?

You are the leader of your own life, not anybody else. You make your own decisions but your soul always knows the best path for it.

You can request me for a session through the email form at the end of page. I will provide you the date and time, and we will discuss the availability issues if any. You can make the payment to my paypal link and send me the receipt. Any intimation regarding cancellation(if any) needs to be done 48 hrs before, else no refunds are made.

I conduct audio calls through skype, hangout, even whatsapp. Kindly go through terms and conditions once before booking, because as a healer they are of extreme importance to me. 

Single session, 60 minute counseling:  $155

Three sessions  (60 min each){ Dates can be discussed/adjusted over email}:    $444

{Recommended only if you need more inner work and healing, else one session is enough)


We will start by talking about what you’re dealing with in your current life situation. For eg: are you going through an awakening process? Are you questioning your choices? Are you seeking the true meaning of yor life? etc.

Awakening can come in any form: through difficult relationships, death/loss of loved ones, depression, near to death experience, etc. It has no fixed time or place. When you tell me about your experience, even I expand within my consciousness. I feel called to tap into the divine wisdom I’ve. I try my best to show you where you need to make changes, where you’re holding yourself back, where you can bloom. I teach you to be free and unconventional. I show you to look at yourself beyond what society expects you to be, because I’m a perfect embodiment of that.

We learn, share and grow together in the counseling session, and I also work on your energetic body if I feel called to do so. With me, healing is mutual, never one-sided. And I would love it if you keep your ego and mind aside, and interact with me with your raw heart and soul. Cry if you need to. I’m a good listener!

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