The path of spiritual awakening can look extremely companionless for the most part. There are moments that you might dive deep in your soul’s shadow or soar high in the light of it. However, even though you would desire to share that pain or ecstasy with someone around, you may find no one.

Why does this phenomenon happen? This question may call for your reflection upon every single connection you have made since childhood. You made friends and then you moved on when you had different places to go, divergent interests to follow. So many people in your life had to fall out in order to make space for the new. You may not have noticed the frequency earlier, but after your spirit awakens, the difference becomes clearer. Why? Because we start forming more meaningful relationships, and it hurts to snap away from them.

Your soul growth can cause you to see the entire world and its issues from a different perspective. You may find yourself detached or believing in the divine order, unlike most of the people around you. And there’s no going back once your inner being starts shifting. This is something beyond your control. The more you resist your growth, the more you will be pushed in appalling ways in that direction. So learning to flow is the only way. All of the awakening phase, realization and ascension will help you break free from the illusion you see around. What is the illusion? That we are meant to be born, follow a particular religion, culture, nationality, get educated, fall in love, get married, have children, earn money and fame, and then die one day. While all of the above definitely play a role in your life, however that’s not the sole reason of your existence. Your soul is here for a greater purpose: to leave its unique imprint over Gaia, and have every kind of experience by aligning completely with its true divine nature. When you become cognizant of who you really are, do you think it’s easy to keep people around without any filters? You become highly sensitive of the energies. You pick up on vibrations of everyone around and through experience, you develop perception about who deserves your time and efforts. Some will never know you no matter how hard you explain. Some will doubt your path and try to push you back in the matrix. Now, you can either give up; get tired and frustrated, or you can choose to walk alone. This sacred path will undeniably test your determination and patience. The more you will try to fit in, the harder it will be on your sensitivity. Does this mean you will never find friends? Not at all! You need to set your intentions and keep working towards your divine mission. You will have to become whole from within. We all love a welcoming community, a supportive circle of friends. But before you find your vibrational match, you will have to gain that inner strength. “I’m whole and sovereign. I don’t need anyone else to validate my existence, nevertheless I need to integrate all the lessons in my physical reality, so that I can vibrate in my celestial element. When I’m prepared, when I’m standing in my power, I trust the universe to bring along my soul tribe that’s waiting for me. Yes, it will be tough. Yes, I might cry some days hoping for someone to hold me and tell that it’s going to be okay. But right now, I need to be my own savior and shine in all my glory.” This is the healthy communication you need to have with yourself, when you feel despondent. In those moments, learn to find your joy in the arms of the universe, nature, stars, your spirit guides. Let them caress you and love you, as they never leave your side. Initiate a genuinely solid connection with them, as they will be your closest pals on your soulcraft pilgrimage. They will never judge you when you fall apart and cry like a baby. Trust: when it’s the right time, you will be blessed with the required people who will heighten your personal magic. But prior to that, all the unnecessary energy/situation will be dissolved by the cosmos. Be brave my light warrior! You have the heart of gold. Have faith in the universe because you do not see yet what a beautiful butterfly you are transforming into.

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