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A world without Faith

(P.S: This is an original art. Please be respectful when using it anywhere, to give the due credit. Thank you!)

This article might come across as an unpopular opinion. It’s absolutely okay not to agree with my outlook, and you can keep that awareness to yourself. I don’t operate from a desire to be liked or validated by anyone. I’m here to merely state the truth in my heart, my deeper perception of the cosmic line of events, and how I blend all of them to enhance my wisdom and spirituality.

For me, being spiritual has got less to do with tarot cards, astrology, crystal collections, labels, etc, and a lot to do with the connection my spirit forms with the greatest spirit of all, God. My spirit is an essence of the “Sat-chit-ananda”, the pure bliss consciousness.

No matter what religion, race, caste, creed you come from, I honor you. I see you as a soul. It’s just one God! Different religions have given him different names, but he is one. We all belong to the oneness. We come from his consciousness. However, we cannot attain that level of purity without putting in extra, dedicated efforts to our inner growth. We all have been given free will and in order to truly understand God’s consciousness, we have to exercise awareness and mastery of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Our actions likewise have to be aligned with our soul’s true nature and the unhealthy ego has to dissolve.

Everything is interconnected. Nevertheless, we should also learn the ability to segregate the details and see something for what it is, without adding our subjective judgment or emotional charge. I carry the remembrance of some of my past lives and reincarnation. I know I’ve lived for a long time on earth and I carry that ancientness in my blood.

My ancestors are always watching me, guiding me to break free from any generational or past life trauma that comes through. My heart has always felt drawn to learning any skill from the scratch or referring to the ancient texts/methods for furthering my practice. People were simple back then, more connected to nature and the divine.

We have come a long way in terms of external technological development. Different varieties of food, more processed and junk meals, gadgets, and tools to ease down our lives, vehicles for transportation, etc. But who’s to say if that’s actually development? What exactly is development?

We have become so overly-reliant on something outside to take care of us, that we have started ignoring our inner knowing. Our body is technology. Our brain is a supercomputer. Our third eye can see things not only of physical but also metaphysical nature. This madness of consumption of unhealthy, processed foods; addiction to gadgets, social media; living a fast-paced life where there’s no regard for the body’s natural cycle; suppression of emotions and excessive engagement in drugs, liquor, meaningless sex, porn- somehow they get classified as modern world development.

We are in Kali Yuga. The collective consciousness is meant to go down the path of inner and outer destruction so that they could the flaws in their behavior: how disconnected they have become from God’s path. As the Kali Yuga will end, Dwapara yuga will commence.

We all know how the virus situation has created a mass panic in the entire world right now. People are blaming and snitching on others who do not wear masks, without having an objective understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes. During this transformational time, I saw the deepest fears of everyone come to the forefront. People who are already compromised internally have given into their demons.

I do not see demons as bad. If anything, they are necessary to show you what needs renewal within your consciousness. The majority of the people hate demons and darkness and run away from them because they still operate from duality: good and bad, right and wrong, moral and immoral, rich and poor, etc. Duality is a great concept for the mind shrouded by ego, but it doesn’t serve any fulfillment once you start moving towards higher dimensional perception.

In truth, you cannot run away from anything that shows up at your door. Sooner or later, you will have to face it. The lessons you resist will always find its way back to you, to reveal to you something profound.

During this mass pandemonium, I had to hold back my thoughts and insights. I was afraid of sharing them on social media platforms because I feared I would be attacked verbally, mentally by people who are still in their sweet spiritual slumber. But, I no longer want to feel responsible for how I trigger people. I can just be your mirror for some deep introspection. Whether you take offense or agree with my statement, it’s solely up to where you stand in your spiritual path.

When someone is unconscious spiritually and entrenched deeply in the material world illusion, it’s easier for that person to blame others for unfavorable circumstances in one’s life. That person governed by low vibrational patterns and programming will feel inclined to see others responsible for its pain, suffering and attachment.

However, once that person takes the path of self-realization and forms a connection to the multidimensionality of the universe, one realizes that there is no one to blame for whatever has played out in its life. Blame, shame and guilt get replaced by the accountability of life choices. God gets humbly invited within as a permanent soul partner. It becomes a constant quest of deepening self-awareness through not only probing into the hidden psychological spectrum but also seeing it from a higher perspective. Duality diminishes because there’s cognizance of all the light and dark present inside.

It’s a self-mastery to hold peace and zen when the world inside and outside is crumbling apart. Death and disease: their roots go deeper than what we see superficially. Our physical bodies are mortal, but our souls are eternal. There’s a term called Prarabdha in Upnishads, which means your destiny in this lifetime and your accumulation of past lives karma(action and results). Everything that’s meant to happen for you already exists; it is pre-written.

The paths you would take, the detours you would encounter, it all exists in the now. The ego and brain might think they can trick the destiny and go down an unwritten path. Strange enough, that trickery is also a part of your soul’s lesson. God knows and sees it all. He has created all the experiences simply for your soul’s ascension.

A soul challenged by extreme physical reality conditions can only find solace and ease of burdens when it completely surrenders its existence to God, and realize that it is being taught an intense karmic lesson by Saturn.

Saturn represents the cold, harsh teacher in astrology who offers us experience, patience, and perseverance in our struggles and pain. It shows us the gift of detachment and acceptance. When we don’t give up on the lesson and stay humble, connected to God through that phase, we receive pleasant karmic blessings.

People get offended when karma gets talked about because their perception is linear. Let us stop weighing on a scale of “good” or “bad”. We can honestly never know entirely who we were in a past life and what karma we carry. Some information is hidden knowingly even though gifted with psychic powers so that it doesn’t overwhelm the soul. It’s also an act of remembrance that we are bound to cycle of reincarnations until we actively start pursuing a truer connection to God, and strive to attain him in life or death. The chase of material possessions, status symbol, having family, kids will have to go away.

When faced with the winter of life, people tend to lose faith in God. They tend to question, “If he really existed, wouldn’t he take care of my needs all the time? Could he not prevent this tragedy from happening?” These questions remind me of the incident that took place with Krishna and Uttang rishi after the war of Kurukshetra.

Uttang rishi expected that Krishna as the godhead he is, would have prevented the war and mass destruction from happening. Krishna replied that he tried his best to prevent the annihilation, but he was not successful. Uttang rishi was furious and angrily asked him the reason he couldn’t use his divine power to stop the war.

Krishna humbly said it’s all a part of the cosmic play. He has given everyone free will to choose higher consciousness. He cannot interfere with the free will of people and the decisions they make. He can guide them to a path in their greatest good, but they have to take action accordingly. He looks after the Dharma in the universe, and he would only take extreme steps when there’s no one left to protect the cosmic justice.

The same analogy applies to our lives. We blame God for all of our problems, yet we forget about his presence in our everyday activities. A true devotee is someone who carries God in its heart in all moments: happiness, sadness, joy, grief, love, sex, etc. Our presence on earth has to become a prayer rather than thinking it belongs just to temples, mosques, churches, or other institutions.

God is aware of all your thoughts, crippling fears, rejections, feelings, prayers, past, present, and future. There’s nothing hidden from him because you are an essence of him. In the modern world, the majority of people have come to think they are greater than God’s will. Hence, they control, manipulate, cheat, cause harm to others for personal gains. There’s a clear disconnection from one’s intuitive wisdom, which is how God speaks to all of us. There’s a lack of faith in our sacredness and bodily intelligence. Greed, cut-throat competition, insensitivity, jealousy, toxic masculinity, and femininity has taken over, leaving no room to include fresh perspectives.

People get scared of disease, but they don’t understand how diseases don’t suddenly make an appearance in our bodies. The more emotional and psychological blockages we hold, the more they clutter and manifest as a clear sign in our physical bodies. Now, there are definitely exceptions to this theory. We see some kids born with anomalies or specific conditions. Here, they don’t carry any karma from the current lifetime. To understand this further, one needs to dive deep into the past reincarnations and the concept of “Prarabdha”.

One can realize partially that the anomaly is either a result of past life deeds, or God wants some healing to occur either within the child itself or the family in which it is born. It can be physical, mental, or emotional healing. The reason will always be situational, and one explanation doesn’t fit all scenarios. Only open-mindedness and complete faith in the divine can bring forth “larger than life” solutions.

If a virus suddenly creates disease in your body, it can only happen when you are already compromised from inside, holding negative feelings, resentment, anger, pain, other burdens, unresolved trauma that you’ve not fully healed and released. These wounds can either be recent or from childhood conditioning. The virus simply came along and heightened the pre-existing factor.

However, if someone has not yet cultivated objective thinking and they get too wrapped up in their sentimentality or ego when they look at their inner wounds, they may not even acknowledge the issues simply because they aren’t ready for the soul healing to take place. You are the only one that can allow full healing, inside and outside.

People tend to take offense about honest inner work when they are not prepared to face the truth. There’s victim mentality, and excessive focus on the problems which are emotionally, mentally draining. They desire for quick fixes and lean towards drugs, anti-depressants, etc. Alas! They are temporary solutions.

As someone who has faced depression from 2015-18, I never relied on medicines to heal me. I had come to the point where I saw no meaning and joy in my life. I was going through a dark night of the soul and a very rude awakening. Only when I decided to transform and let my old-self die, I began seeing slowly where I had given my own power away. I had to be blatantly truthful with myself, seeing my own flaws, meanwhile learning to nurture my inner child that harbored some painful memories since childhood.

I clearly had some parental wounds. I had to forgive myself and others for the physical or emotional abuse I went through. A lot had to be healed and it was necessary for my spiritual growth. Now, I even understand the greater purpose behind my suffering. It deepened my empathy and healing gifts. My pain, resentment from a few years back has been replaced by immense gratitude now. It’s all exactly where it needs to be.

We try to fit each other in a box of “normal” and “acceptable behavior”. What is “normal” anyway? What gives someone the authority to decide and why? God is the embodiment of every aspect you see out there, and when you reject something as unacceptable, it means you haven’t accepted fully God for what he is. When you detest the disease that is showing up in your face, it means you are turning away from what needs to soften within you.

If you are terrified of death, it means your healing is around detachment from your physical vessel. You are being taught the impermanence of this reality, and the eternity of your soul. One day we all will die when God wills it. We won’t leave if it’s not our time yet. Some people go through near-death experiences for the same reason. We can be all locked up inside our homes, but if death has to find us, it will be offered to us anyway.

These are some extremely triggering and painful insights. I often question myself, “How would I react if someone I loved died in front of my eyes?”I imagine myself detached, trying to stay neutral even when my heart would be in pieces. Maybe I would close my eyes at the spot, say a silent prayer for the soul’s peaceful journey in the afterworld. I’ve somehow prepared myself for some harsh universal truths and I don’t know my response until it shows up.

Are you now able to connect the dots here? Are you able to see the lesson involved bigger than this material world illusion?

If we have not widened our spiritual vision, we can easily get caught up in the cycles of suffering and may lose our connection from the higher truth, which has existed right from the time of creation. When our body is struggling with a disease, and if our willpower to change is fuelled simultaneously with God’s plans for us to live, it becomes a sign for our soul to attain the mind, body, and spirit balance.

The desired changes can be anything: eating healthy; meditating every day; journaling down our feelings and not suppressing/avoiding them; exercising according to our doshas(Refer to ayurvedic wisdom); proper sleep routine; healthy emotional/mental behavior; pursuing a path we are passionate about; etc. One needs to do some serious reflection and inner work to observe where they are holding themselves back, and what restricting belief system one carries. If required, take the help of a healer/mentor who guides you without making you dependent on external drugs.

Nowadays we mindlessly consume processed food items. Learn to prepare meals from scratch. Consume whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables. If milk, eggs, or meat hasn’t come from a local farm (where it has not been obviously commercialized), try not to consume it. Processed food contains toxic substances, preservatives, and artificial flavors, which negatively impact your immunity. So, be careful to read the labels for ingredients before buying anything.

There are no quick remedies for any disease. Maybe one can suppress it temporarily through drugs and medicines, but if the root cause has not been resolved, that disease can reappear. Dis-ease means clearly your soul is out of ease with something. It takes self-mastery to stop chasing things that destroy your overall wellness. In a world full of various distractions, it is your responsibility as a soul to take a holistic approach to everything. The alchemy you will go through will be astounding.

We talk about God, prayers, religious beliefs, and take offense when someone disagrees with our narrative. But have we ever tried to fully understand God? Sometimes, we act with him as an insolent child or a selfish friend. We want him to provide for us everything, but we don’t want to give back pure commitment and devotion. My idea of devotion is different from what all the religions teach. It’s not about how many times you pray, what strict rules and dogmas you follow.

My connection to God is through unconditional love. It’s about simply knowing in your heart that he is with you all the time. Talk to him, love him, adore him, form a personal bond with him. You will have to practice true devotion beyond ego and enamored in divine passion, to completely understand what it means. Words can fall short.

With your resolute faith, you need to keep moving with determination and ask for his company and love, when you face hardships. God is omnipresent. He is not only sitting somewhere at the top, but he is also by your side. He is boundless, loving, playful, joyous, compassionate, but he also embodies darkness very well. He is the yogi of the highest order, and I can simply hope that humans put greater effort into understanding his creation.

When we are blinded by Maya,” the material world illusion”, we won’t see God around us. The simpler we become, liberate ourselves from meaningless drama, and get in touch with our pristine nature, we begin to see God everywhere. As much as we pray to him, we also begin loving him with an open heart.

What path we choose to follow, no one can force us into that. God only creates situations in our lives according to our Prarabdha: our karmic debts, and destiny. If we stay steadfast, we find the key to higher consciousness. If we resist and blame, we never break free from the earthly cycle.

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