Hi, I’m Swara, born under Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon and Virgo Rising. I’m naturally empathic, psychic, creative, and drawn to everything magical and mystical. 

Have I always been on the path of freedom and spiritual seeking? In a way- yes! However, my early twenties were spent feeling lost and hopeless, as a lack of clear direction and purpose. But God wanted me to fully align with my soul’s yearning by over coming inner battles, addictions, emptiness, co-depency, resentment, trauma.

So here I’m: being a happy yogini and mystic, creating and learning things as I go, while basking under the protection of my ancestors, spirit guides and Krsna himself. They have taught me to priortise my inner transformation, mind, body, soul alignment, peace and joy over all the worldly attachments. Hence, I’m taking my time to explore and integrate what they teach me. They are my “gurus” and everything I create is a sacred offering to them: a token of my heart; a prayer.

No matter what you purchase from me, I don’t want to see you as a mere customer, but a valuable part of my soul family. If you feel the emotions behind my work, please do me the honor of leaving a soulful testimonial. I’m blessed to have you here!