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Mix Vegetable Soup

This Sunday I prepared a delightful and delectable mix vegetable soup. The universe guided me to start sharing my soulful recipes, and hence I have set my intention that whoever comes across my posts may receive the self-care energy and enthusiasm from the Divine.

It’s quite a simple recipe with all the ingredients easily available.

Onion (1 large)
Tomato puree (3 tbsp)
Capsicum(1 large)
Radish(1 small)
Zuccini(1 small)
Carrot(1 small)
Cabbage(roughly chopped 100g)
Potato (1 medium sized)
Brinjal (1 medium sized)
Broccoli (chopped 100g)
Boiled pulses (200g)
Coriander leaves and dry fruits for garnish
Oil (3 tsps), salt as per taste
cumin seeds (1 tsp) ; you can use mustard seeds as well
Crushed ginger-garlic paste
Coriander powder(1 tsp)
Cumin seed powder (1 tsp)
Red chilli powder (1 tsp)
Turmeric powder(1 tsp)
Curry powder (1 tsp)
Ramen (enough for 2 people)- optional

I actually like my soup little spicy and I’ve an Indian palate; therefore the quantity of spices is agreeable to my taste buds. You can alter the quantity and the spices you add according to your liking. Some simply love the use of salt, pepper, herbs and different seasonings, and that would be flavorsome too.

Add the oil to the cooking pot. Once it heats up, put the cumin seeds in the hot oil and let it splutter.
Next add the chopped onions and stir it on medium flame till it becomes translucent. Mix the ginger-garlic paste with onions, and saute till the raw smell disappears.
Now add in all the spices mentioned above and turn down the flame at low heat. In case you are simply adding crushed pepper, herbs and seasonings, you can do that in the end, once everything has been cooked.
Add few tablespoons of water to the spices so that they properly blend and release their flavors. Also pour in the tomato puree. On medium heat, saute till the entire water evaporates and you get left with a thick brownish red paste.
Now, put in all the chopped vegetables you have, and keep stirring in the pot for three minutes, on low heat. I add salt according to taste at this stage.
Simply add water to the cooking pot till the veggies submerge. Now you can cook it on medium flame, making sure to stir the soup every 5 minutes.

You can sit and relax, read some book with soft music playing by. I’m trying to make my whole cooking process a meditation. Sometimes, I can just be monkey-brained and want to prepare something rightaway. But my intuition always asks me to slow down and savour the cleaning, cutting and cooking process.

My tip: Listen to Alina Baraz. Her voice just makes the atmosphere cozy and warm.

Now, the final steps:

Check if the veggies have become tender by pressing them with the soup spoon gently. If no, let the soup sit longer. If yes, mix in the boiled pulses and cook for another 5-7 minutes. Also add the ramen/noodles you have at this moment. Always make sure to have the consistency to your liking by adding proper quantity of water.
Once everything feels soft, mushy and tender, turn off the heat. Add the seasonings and herbs if any. I sprinkled coriander/parsley leaves and some dry fruits.

And perfect! It’s absolutely healthy and gratifying. You can add any vegetables of your choice: maybe spinach, mushrooms, etc.

A nutritious food keeps your mind, body, and soul in good spirits. It’s moreover a way of self-care. I hope you enjoy it. 

Bon Appetit !

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Healing the sacred womb energy!

(P.S: This is an original art. Please be respectful when using it anywhere, to give the due credit. Thank you!)

If you are a woman and you experience severe menstrual cramps, I’m pretty sure you have developed a love-hate relationship with your monthly periods. Every time you see that date in your calendar, you start detesting what’s about to go down in the next few days. Even though this is a beautiful cycle of death and rebirth of fertility, it sometimes feels like a burden to womanhood.

I have gone through similar ups and downs in my menstrual cycle journey, and this month on Libra New Moon, I have decided to follow certain changes in my lifestyle patterns to witness how it makes me feel during periods from now on.

My Inner Goddess has been calling me persistently to give her everything she desires to feel healthy and beautiful. I had been quite busy with my creative projects for the last year. As a result, I wasn’t paying attention to my divine feminine that loves sensual experience and luxury.

Luxury for her doesn’t mean wasting money on unnecessary objects for vanity. “Luxury” stands for the simple joys in life which can promote self-care and nourishment.

For example, I love waxing my entire body on a monthly basis because it makes me feel elegant and graceful. I love good perfumes, essential oils, herbal body care products which relish my sense of touch and smell. I’m not a shopaholic. However, if I see a beautiful dress, some jewellery, etc that brings out my royalty, makes me feel like an empress of my own faery world, I do not mind investing in it.

I’m a highly creative person. So, not only do I love wearing beautiful clothing and adornments, but I also enjoy creating them, so that I can see the same sparkle in someone else’s eyes. I love being inflow of life, living as if there’s no tomorrow. I don’t work well with plans; I let my heart and intuition guide me in every decision of life because it brings me closer to Krsna.

Whenever I stifle my flow, my creative passion and sensuality with a more fixed approach, tying myself down to a routine and not exploring beyond it because of laziness, fear of free expression or my unconventionality, lack of willpower, or whatever the reason be, I can feel my feminine energy get frustrated. Sometimes my masculine energy can take over the reins of my soul and be in this “go-getter” mode obsessively, which can drive my inner goddess insane.

There’s nothing wrong with being a go-getter. However, the purpose of my life is to have a yin-yang balance, and I truly love both these aspects within me. I don’t want to be unfair to any of these energies. I love dancing, moving my body through yoga, energy work to feel rooted, connected to Mama Gaia. I had become physically lazy for the last one year. I gained weight, and my body’s confidence plummeted as a result.

I’m not someone who gets attracted to people on the basis of physical appearance first. It’s the energy that draws me in initially. However, since I love balance, the way I feel inside should also reflect outside in my appearance. Cleaning oneself, getting ready, dancing, goofing around, putting little makeup on: these are ways to declutter my own energetic space and aura. I feel good inwardly when I stay healthy and active.

When I don’t do these activities, my inner goddess builds up resentment towards my own body. Those feelings of annoyance, discouragement builds up within my solar plexus, sacral and root chakra, and therefore I experience painful cramps.

So, I have decided that I’m going to eat extremely healthy and savor cooking my meals, rather than doing it half-heartedly because I’ve other goals to chase. Put love in everything you do. Make your every moment a prayer, a meditation. My divine feminine has been urging me to make those changes immediately, and I’m pretty sure if I honor her desires, she is going to gift me with something I’ve not experienced before.

My menstrual pain recently was attached to my subconscious beliefs about my body- not owning and expressing it fully, and feeling it didn’t look beautiful. I already know that we are pretty regardless of our shape, size, skin tone, height, etc factors. But sometimes, we still carry remnants of a “lack” of self-worth.

You do not have to convince everyone else outside that you are good enough and deserving of love. If you don’t love your mind, body, or spirit entirely, you have to ask yourself: “What positive changes can I embrace right now to feel whole from the inside? What do I genuinely find fragmented inwardly? How can I feel like an empowered Goddess?” The solution is going to be unique for everyone, and it should be the one filled with compassion and acceptance of your process.

Whenever I’ve experienced severe pain, I can reflect back and always notice some of my unaligned behavioral pattern that was holding true at that point in time.

I truly desire to cultivate a healthy perspective about my menstrual cycle and become pain-free eventually, by bringing intuitive shifts in my life. It all starts energetically first, and then shows up loud in the physical body.

So, if you experience period pain as well, it’s an invitation for you to check what your divine feminine energy needs from you. How do you feel about your body? Are you fully living and breathing your feminine nature? Do you live to make only others happy, and in return ignore your own desires? Are you objectifying and disrespecting yourself because of societal conditioning? Do you hold trauma around feeling unstable and insecure within oneself due to an unhappy childhood? Have you numbed your emotions in order to fit into a certain identity? There are so many questions you can ask yourself.

Every woman is different, unique, and beautiful. You have to find what truly nourishes all your physical and metaphysical senses, and move accordingly. Much love!