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Being Brave and Bold

I recall a beautiful line from the movie “The Perks of being a Wallflower”- We always accept a love we think we deserve. And this is absolutely true. It’s not even just about love; it’s about every single thing in life: even money, fame and success.

I’m not super attached to the material possessions but I know money is a great tool to enhance one’s quality of life as well as help the world around. Therefore, having a flourishing business/craft for me has less to do with gaining external validation, but more to do with, ” I wanna give back to mother earth and the less privileged humans and animals around, in whatever way I can”. And I’m still in the process of building the foundation.

I really value health, nutrition, and using environment friendly products. And to be honest, they are pricier compared to the toxic, non-biodegradable products out there which severely impact the ecosystem. But then it makes sense as well why those products are costly. I’ve an overall understanding that to eat well and take care of the nature, one needs to invest a bit more financially. The current time is not like the ancient era where deep connection to Pachamama was embedded in everyone.

Just like love, even in terms of financial abundance and prosperity, we accept a payment we think we deserve. Now, I had to clear a major limiting belief within me regarding this matter: my lack consciousness; this feeling of not having enough or receiving what I deserve for the work I do.

My ideas and visions are quite bold, out of the box, and many times they don’t make sense to others around me. But does that mean I need to water down my ideas in order to seem sensible? I realize that many times people just mean well and that’s why they want to advise. However, if there’s a powerhouse within you, if you are like the Sun, your light cannot be contained within a box. You’ll have to fully embrace that wildness within you and move along with that energy, grounding it in the real world, so that others who don’t have the same courage learn from you. And it’s okay. We all learn different things from each other. We all are teachers and students simultaneously.

Over time, I have learned to fully accept my ideas for what they are, and not doubt their potential to thrive. If it’s a strong calling in my heart, there’s a reason for its existence, and it’s not crazy to follow that lead. This is how pioneers are created.

Sometimes the seeds we lay down yields the fruits after immense patience, at a sweet divine time. So, if one is looking for instant gratification, they can miss out on the fulfillment they would extract from being devoted to their path of pure joy.

I take a lot of time creating the divine inspiration I receive. Along with that, I’m also practicing and learning yoga, meditation, ayurveda, herbal healing, crocheting, etc. My day stays quite packed up, and I love everything I do, because I’m following my passionate urges, thanks to my Sagittarius North Node.

Hence, I realise that I cannot underestimate my own products by marking them low cost, just because everyone else around me is doing that. In fact, I should stop comparing myself to anyone else. All of them are doing the best that they can, and they are aware the kind of community they desire.

I want something different: a strong soul community where each one of us is strong, independent, in our power, healing ourselves like a boss, doing what we love, and there’s no malicious ill-feelings of bringing someone down. There’s full support and encouragement. I don’t really care for praises but I do care that I make difference in a constructive way for whoever I create my work. Not everyone may like it, but the few ones who resonate would be whole-heartedly loving it.

And that’s why I need to clear my own fear of being seen. I need to clear my apprehension around receiving more money. Everything comes straight up from God; even money. We own nothing! When we die, we travel just as a soul. The kind of material wealth I deserve can only be decided by God, but atleast I need to believe I deserve it. If I doubt it, I will receive the same energy in the outside world.

The external world is a mirror of our internal world. Working on my spiritual gifts is a major part of my soul’s purpose, which blossoms side by side with my creativity. I love the idea of working hard, but not at the cost of undermining my efforts and devotion, in order to appease others around. So having a clear sense of self-worth is important.

If I don’t believe I deserve abundance; if I believe I need to push myself extra hard, and bend my integrity, work ethics to gain popularity and acceptance, that’s exactly what I will receive.

So know what you want, and don’t settle down for anything less! Be brave and expansive in your vision. No matter how talented you are, if you don’t see your calibre, no one else will.