Hi ! Welcome to my shop where everything I create is right from my soul. This whole place is like my child, slowly growing to become a giant tree one day. Listed below are the services I provide.

1. Paintings

The paintings are all digital, priced at $110.

To receive the product for download, kindly email me the PAINTING TITLE mentioned on top of every piece, and the payment confirmation made through either Paypal, Credit/Debit card or Netbanking. You can ask me for bank/Paypal details through email if you’re confused.

Mail id:  [email protected]

Once the order is placed, you receive it within 24-48 hours, unless there is some emergency, in which case it gets postponed to a convenient time. I always make sure to inform you.

There are no refunds unless I fail to send you the product on time.

Check out my gallery and have a pick at what you resonate with.

We are the king and queen to each other when we both are in love.
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Energy Reading and Guidance

This service is especially for people who are seeking assistance in terms of soul growth and spiritual insights.

The questions that will be asked are: “Where am I currently energetically in terms of mental/ emotional/physical/spiritual space?”

“Where am I not fully embracing my true potential? What can be improved?”

“What is amazing about me, and how can that be used to contribute to inner or outer growth?”

“What do I need to let go, or where do I need courage?”

Questions like these are very self-reflective and essential to evolve spiritually. And my approach to advice anything is a little practical, and wisdom extracted from my personal experience.

If you want to get a better idea of who I’m as a soul, please go ahead and read my blogs, instagram posts, twitter, wherever I’m on social space. That should give you a good perspective. If we are meant to connect, my work will speak to you. I believe that!

Additionally, my energy reading for you will be a detailed written document, and will be emailed to you within 72 hours. I don’t rush myself into doing a reading, because I also stay busy with other side projects and research stuffs. So, I would be thankful for your patience. But I hope my advice and wisdom would offer you exactly what you need to move ahead.

I don’t do any audio, video calls with customers.

Price for this service(fixed): $89

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed practitioner of anything you see on my website.  Use your discernment well. I’m not responsible for any choice you make post my services. You are accountable for all that you engage within my social space.

P.S. The cancellation is only allowed within 1 hour of whatever time you made it, and the refund will be sent then. If it exceeds beyond 1 hour, there will be no refunds.