In a world that asks you to fit in and accomodate others’ insecurities and ego, BEING ABSOLUTELY YOURSELF is the most rebellious act you can do.

My website has gone through its own share of changes over the last two years, as I evolved on my spiritual journey. Evolution and expansion never stops, and the more I reflect on it, the more I ask myself,”What is it that I can offer to the humanity?” All I hear as an answer, is my sagacity from years and years of inner work, and how I can bring that forth to help you be your true self, as a soul, on this path to make your life an art.

I intend to put up more content about spiritual growth, holistic wellness and healing through my art, energy work, ayurvedic practices, yoga, meditation, etc.

I’ve created a shop for my artwork and other products, where everything you see is through divine inspiration and visions I receive. If you connect to my work, feel free to buy it and become a wonderful inclusion in my soul community.

P.S. Whatever you purchase, a section of it is contributed for either environmental, humanitarian or animal help causes. Thank you for being here!

More about me!!

Disclaimer:   By law, I’m required to say that I’m not a licensed practitioner of whatever you see on my website.

I learn and create everything out of my intuition and experience. You are accountable for the products you buy, and the holistic healing advices you take from me. I also hold the copyright to the items I create, and it’s an ethical practice to not copy or share my work without giving me proper credits. The energy you partake in comes back to you eventually- good or bad.